Newsletter 01
March 2009
We are re-sending this message as the previous one had a problem with the links.

Aniel is synonym with organic and environmentally-friendly products as it offers adorable children's clothing and natural wooden toys. Its sister company Aniel Gardiner provides beautiful curtains with exquisite designs.

Spousecare helps foreign spouses in Denmark to integrate well into their new environment and make Denmark their home. Spousecare organises networking events, fun activities and outings and other events to allow spouses to meet each other and know more about the Danes and Denmark.

Carmen Ekvall managed to get her hands on a piece of the old copper rooftop of Christiansborg after it was replaced a few years ago. She makes beautiful copper brooches with it and on top of being well-designed jewellery, these pieces are the perfect souvenir from Copenhagen. Carmen also organises jewellery fittings at her workshop. 

BusyPeople offers a personal service for those who are too busy to truly enjoy life to the fullest. This lifestyle management specialist can help you with your shopping, your secretarial needs, your house chores, etc! It can all be adapted to your specific needs. Don't waste a minute longer!

The Michelin Man has visited Copenhagen again this year resulting in more stars than ever before - a total of 13. The Copenhagen Book is proud to present the Michelin star restaurants among our partners/advertisers and hope that you will have a chance to pay them a visit ...
noma is reknowned to offer a personal rendition of Nordic gourmet cuisine, where typical methods of cooking, fine Nordic produce and the legacy of our common food culture are all being subjected to an innovative gastronomic approach.
MR is a greenhouse of gastronomy where guests are given a break from every day life with an extraordinary dining experience by renowned chef Mads Refslund. The food, the interior, the atmosphere and the spirit will be unique down to the last detail.
Kokkeriet has just regained their previous star. Discreet location, charming design and personal atmosphere. Modern European kitchen flavoured with Danish finesse and old traditions.

In Denmark, married couples enjoy three big milestones to celebrate: in addition to the golden wedding at 50 years and the silver wedding at 25 years, they also have a big party for their bronze wedding at 12.5 years! A nice opportunity for a summer fest for those who got married in the cold winter months.

March is the very special month when the clocks go back and we get to enjoy an extra hour of daytime (and playtime), everyday! This also means spring is around the corner and all those beautiful flowers reappear in our parks and gardens. We can look forward to changing to springtime fashion and enjoying a sunny afternoon in a café or an outdoor restaurant. There is always light at the end of the tunnel! Don't forget to change your watches on Sunday 29 March.


oldest "gækkebrev" from 1916
There is a unique Danish Easter tradition which is the custom of sending teaser letters (gækkebreve) which are written like little poems or rhymes. A few weeks before Easter, children cut out elaborate letters, on which they write their teaser verses. The letters that are sent to family members and good friends are usually anonymous, but signed with a number of dots corresponding to the number of letters in the sender's name, so that the recipient has a chance of guessing who sent it. If they guess correctly, then the reward is an egg at Easter. The gækkebreve can be decorated with a snowdrop, which is regarded as the first flower of the year. You will also notice that many homes and shops are decorated for Easter in green and yellow, especially with new-leaved branches and daffodils. And of course, eggs are coloured and often added as decoration. HAPPY EASTER!