Newsletter 07
May 2010


A new season, a new lunch. MIELCKE & HURTIGKARL cultivate the simple preparations of the season's best ingredients. They get all their fish and seafood directly from the North of Jutland every morning. At night,
the vegetable guru Søren Wiuff comes by with the best vegetables from Lammefjorden and puts them on ice until the next morning.

Lunch is adapted to either those who must return to the office or those who will enjoy the great champagne menu (from June) and seafood selection on the terrace in the afternoon.

They have taken up the grill as a theme and built it into their kitchen. There is nothing that can beat spring fresh ingredients, grilled over various types of wood and Japanese coal. In addition, they complement each dish with fresh herbs from their own garden and wild herbs from the Royal Horticultural Society Garden (Det
Kongelige Haveselskabs Have). Lunch is from Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00 to 2.30 p.m.

Sundays at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl
Mielcke & Hurtigkarl is Copenhagen's only gourmet restaurant which is open on Sunday evenings. The evening menu is changed regularly in line with what inspires them and what the season allows. Right now, asparagus in different colours is on the menu. Fallow deer is also on the menu and they are working right now on creating a new dessert based on "garden trees."

They are looking forward to being nominated in the Danish Dining Guide (Den Danske Spiseguide), both as Restaurant of the Year 2010 and Chef of the Year 2010 - Jakob Mielcke.


BMW is now offering members of the international community living in Denmark a special leasing contract that makes driving in Denmark easier and more affordable.

Trouble-free motoring by BMW
Mobility is one of the most pressing questions when moving abroad, and as Denmark has specific rules in that area, it is often unclear for foreigners what they should do in terms of mobility. BMW Expatriate Leasing lets you sit back, relax and experience sheer driving pleasure without the hassles or worries of ownership. Throughout the leasing term, BMW Financial Services remains the owner of the car, so all you have to
think about is driving. And when the contract is up, you simply return the vehicle to the local BMW dealer - without worrying about its resale value or any aggravation of selling it. BMW Expatriate Leasing brings you:

Flexible Leasing Terms
Whether you live in Denmark for one month or five years, it is possible to tailor your lease to cover the duration of your stay.

Unrivalled Value
Driving a BMW is surprisingly affordable. One small down payment followed by fixed monthly installments makes budgeting for the vehicle simple. If wanted, the lease also comes with a premium BMW Motor Insurance at a very attractive flat rate so all of the regu­lar costs will be set from the day you start the lease to the day you hand back the keys. Additionally, a fuel card enables you to take advantage of attractive discounts when refueling.

Trouble-Free Motoring
The Expatriate Leasing contract includes BMW Service Inclusive Ultimate, which means all service checks and repairs during the lease period are included in the monthly payment.

For prices and more details, please visit your local BMW dealer or


Prince Erik (pictured above) is the grandson of King Christian IX and son of Prince Valdemar and he has told many stories of the time when he was a little boy on holiday at Bernstorff Castle. Among other things, he said that he ate enormous quantities of peanuts. Everyone, including the King, the Queen and the distinguished guests - even the Empress Dagmar of Russia - ate peanuts every morning. It was the King's wish. As an adult, Prince Erik was not so fond of peanuts anymore.

However, at Bernstorff Castle, they are still crazy about peanuts. It is therefore always served as one of the dishes for Sunday brunch - and mentioned the most! The other dishes at Sunday brunch are naturally changed regularly and the current menu is always on the homepage. Soon, in accordance with the weather, the Sunday brunch can again take place in the beautiful, sunny patio at Kavalergården, adjoining Bernstorff Castle. During winter and when the weather does not allow outdoor seating, brunch is held indoors in the Castle restaurant under the atmospheric vaults.

The brunch buffet costs DKK 195 per person. Children between 3-12 years old are half price and children under 3 are free. Coffee, tea and other beverages are included.

You can also visit the historic and beautiful castle. There are guided tours on specific Sundays. The dates are shown on the website


noma is a two Michelin star restaurant run by chef René Redzepi and Claus Meyer in Christianshavn. The name is made of the two Nordic words "nordisk" (Nordic) and "mad" (food), and the restaurant is known for its reinvention and interpretation of Nordic/Scandinavian cuisine. Mr. Redzepi, who is half Danish, half Macedonian, employs five full-time foragers and insists employees spend time unearthing exotic produce.
Noma boasts that it doesn't use olive oil, tomatoes or nonseasonal garlic, as all of its produce is from  Denmark and the neighbouring Nordic countries. This year, it has won the San Pellegrino Awards as the

Number 1 of the world's 50 best restaurants, having achieved third place last year, behind Spain's El Bulli and Britain's The Fat Duck. Plan ahead if you would like to book a table there as the waiting list has suddenly become a lot longer after the award was announced.

Founded in 1996, ALL DENMARK RELOCATION A/S are considered pioneers within the industry in Denmark. The Director, Annemette Krogh, is one of 13 Europeans awarded the CERP 3, the final certificate received through the European Academy for Relocation Professionals. The company has also been awarded the EuRA Quality Seal which is based on ISO 9001 process management model. The EuRA Quality Seal specifies the processes and KPI's that reflect the very highest standards in relocation services. They offer arrival and departure services to assignees relocating to or from Denmark. They have special departure services together with services designed to assist accompanying spouses whether they are following careers or who choose to stay at home. They apply cost control measures. Their target is to save their clients an amount of money equal to their invoice amount over a typical assignment period of 2-3 years. At the same time, their strategy is to keep standards high - ensuring an effective, quality service for their customers. 
Call to learn more: (+45) 70 22 40 00 or visit website.


Spring Collection
Spring is in the air when BRUUN RASMUSSEN AUCTIONEERS opens its doors to the international auction in late May. One of the main attractions is H.A. Brendekilde's painting of a young woman and a little girl on a bed of anemones, as a sign of the first flush of spring that is now on its way.

Also included in the auction is Vilhelm Lundstrøm's 'Still Life' (1928-29), which demonstrates the artist's ability to depict the geometric essence of the shapes with intense, complementary contrasts.

The godfather of Danish Design, Arne Jacobsen, is richly represented at the auction with furniture classics such as Swan, Seagull and Egg Chair. Also featured are a couple of unknown unique armchairs that are
characteristic of the mode of expression cultivated by Arne Jacobsen in the mid-1930s.

Russian art
As a flagship for the Russian theme auction, I.C. Aivazovsky is represented by a stormy seascape, while A.N. Schilder takes us out into nature in 'Forest Scene with stacked Birch Firewood.'

Preview the Spring Collection at Bredgade 33
Thursday 27 May & Friday 28 May:     
Saturday 29 May & Sunday 30 May:     
Monday 31 May:

International Auction

Monday 31 May:               
Tuesday 1 June:                 

Wednesday 2 June:           

Thursday 3 June:               
Monday 7 June:                
Tuesday 8 June:                 
Wednesday 9 June:            
11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Fine art at 5 p.m.

Fine Art, Russian Art, Silver, Porcelain, Oriental Art at 2 a.m.
Antiques, Furniture, Bronzes, Clocks and Oriental Carpets at 2 a.m.
Jewelleries and Watches at 5 p.m.
Modern Art and Sculpture at 5 p.m.
Modern Art and Prints and Ethnographica at 2 p.m.

Modern Furniture, Lighting and Design at 5 p.m.


Experience the beautiful scenery along the Norwegian coastline, fjords and midnight sun, as well as the Geiranger Fjord, which is listed in the Unesco World Heritage list.

There are daily departures from Bergen, Norway, and you can choose between the classic 12 days roundtrip and the 6 or 7½ days roundtrip. You will visit 34 ports on the voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes. There are plenty of interesting excursions. Hurtigruten has been operating since 1893 and it is the most authentic way to experience coastal Norway. Book now and you will save 25% on selected departures from May to August 2010.

REJSECENTER NORGE (i.e travelcenter Norway) is the leading Hurtigruten expert in Danmark. Call
(+45) 33 13 43 34 for the comprehensive catalogue (in English) and the complete list of departures including the discount.

KLINIK MAGNOLIA, which has two branches, one in the heart of Copenhagen near Kongens Nytorv and one in Vejle, was the first clinic in Denmark to introduce the fantastic slim-wrap treatments (called "slankewrap" in
Danish), which have been fashionable for a long time among the hottest stars in Hollywood. "We offer the unique slim wrap with full-body deep tissue massage and you are guaranteed a loss of at least 10 cm after the first treatment, "explains nurse Helle Winther, who works with her daughter Charlotte, and who both vouch for these luxury treatments. Since the start of the clinic a year and a half ago, they have developed the method and with great success.

There is a "centimetre-guarantee" and results speak for themselves. Everyone is measured before and after the treatment. For example, one customer lost 26 kg in just three months with the "Magnolia Cure", a combination of Nupo and slim-wrap and got a really great result out of it. The actual treatment takes place in atmospheric surroundings that allow customers to relax and completely forget their everyday stress, while they lie in comfortable chairs completely covered in the refreshing clay. The special wrapping technique in
which the body is wrapped into resilient pads - so you almost look like a mummy - combined with deep tissue massage, shapes the body, allows loss of centimetres and tightens up the thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms, back and chest. It is not far from chrysalis to beautiful butterfly! Indeed, the treatment was so successful that Klinik Magnolia launched a webshop where customers can buy ready slim-wrap packages and do their own treatments at home.

The unique slim-wrap therapy has also proven to do wonders for psoriasis sufferers. Karen who is 62 years old, got two weekly treatments for three months and was able to finally get rid of her psoriasis, which affected her whole body for 22 years. "It's completely gone now. I feel I have been given a new life," she says enthusiastically.