Newsletter 10
September 2010


International Auction at BRUUN RASMUSSEN AUCTIONEERS, Bredgade 33 in Copenhagen
27 September - 6 October 2010
There is a full turn-out at this autumn's international auction in Bredgade which offers dynamic works of Asger Jorn, refined French rococo furniture and a stylish PH grand piano.

Out in the open air with Paul Fischer - Copenhagen artist Paul Fischer is richly represented at the auction, this time in the form of the painting "Ildløs i Skindergade" (Fire in Skindergade) from 1896, so characteristic of his impressionistic snapshots of life in Copenhagen at the turn of the last century.

Asger Jorn's vitality - Two seldom seen gems by Asger Jorn - the brilliant "Juletræ på torvet" (Christmas Tree on the Square - 1952) and the dynamic "The distance between" (1953-54). This is the first time that
the works are being offered for sale.

PH's stylish grand piano - Poul Henningsen's design talents did not stop at lamps. In 1931, five years after the birth of the PH lamp, he designed "the grand piano for the small home," which was perhaps the most stylish piece of furniture to come from his hand.

Refined French finesses - In connection with the Golden Days festival, which this year focuses on the 18th century, we are offering a number of exquisite pieces of rococo and Louis XVI furniture, including a large
French commode designed by Jean-Henri Riesener (1734-1806).

Portrait of Christian IV - Christian IV and his sister Anna's portrait miniatures adorn an extremely rare Renaissance filigree lidded goblet of gold-plated silver encrusted with garnets from c. 1675-1710. The two
miniatures are attributed to German painter Jacob van Doordt (1606-1629). He came to the Danish court in 1611/12 and was recommended to the King of England, James I, who was married to Christian IV's sister Anna. The lidded goblet is therefore a tribute to the dynastic link between Denmark and England.

Tuesday 21 September 4pm- 7pm (opening)
Wednesday 22 September 11am-5pm
Thursday 23 September 11am-5pm
Friday 24 September 11am-5pm
Saturday 25 September 11am-4pm
Sunday 26 September 11am-4pm

Visit bruun-rasmussen for more info.


Frederiksborg Castle is the largest Renaissance palace in Scandinavia surrounded by a Baroque garden and a
beautiful scenic park. THE MUSEUM OF NATIONAL HISTORY is situated there and the latest exhibition is called 'What Can I Make of Myself?' - a series of photographic portraits by Ea Heide of Danes abroad, which encapsulates the story of their current job situations. It runs until 31 December 2010.

Inspired by her own life experience and career choices, Ea Heide has worked on the portrait series since January 2009. For six months, she visited Danish expatriates. Her travels took her to nine different countries: France, Qatar, India, The Niger, Togo, Burkina Faso, Benin, United Kingdom and United States of America. She met 90 Danes and took down their stories, as well as their portraits. Approximately half of them are
shown at the exhibition.

The photographs are composed in panorama perspective. In this way, the photographer was able to capture and reflect the whole of the person, the atmosphere, the places, and the work.

The portrait photographs are combined with short biographies to provide an insight into the various choices made by the Danes in connection with their careers abroad. This is particularly exemplified by how a global world changes the everyday life of Danes and opens up new career opportunities abroad.

Visit Frederiksborg Castle for more info.


TIVOLI HOTEL officially opened its doors on 2 September and brings to life the dream of Copenhagen's largest hotel operator Arp-Hansen Hotel Group and Denmark's biggest tourist attraction Tivoli to give customers a consistent experience where accommodation and entertainment are converging. The new 12-story Tivoli Hotel is a unique hotel characterized by the Tivoli spirit and design history. The hotel features 396 rooms inspired by the Tivoli design and garden, and a lovely outdoor area with lots of flowers, trees and grass with public access. The hotel is directly integrated with the Tivoli Congress Center, opening in October with 2300m2 exhibition area and fitting up to 4000 people. The Tivoli Brasserie serves both Danish and international cuisine and the 12th-floor Skybar offers sweeping views of the city and across the Sound of Sweden, as well as the best sushi in town at the Sticks'N'Sushi restaurant.

Visit Tivoli Hotel for more info.



"It's the personal touch that means so much," says General Manager Mai Kappenberger about AVENUE HOTEL. Mai Kappenberger and her team love to spoil their guests and they like to think of the hotel as 'Affordable Luxury.' Avenue Hotel conveys a friendly atmosphere with an international beat and they constantly work on improving the services they offer their guests.

Electric Bikes Take You Round the City in Style - "Our innovative electric bikes from Battsen will take you round the city in style and without you breaking a sweat," says Mai Kappenberger. The fact that they are friendly to the environment is an added bonus. The electric bikes are easy, fun to ride and will take you up to 60 kilometres before you need to return to Avenue Hotel for recharging.

Watch their promotional video by clicking here.

Avenue Hotel Copenhagen


KLØVE & LØNBERG is located on stylish Jægersborg Allé, where you can find the best quality products and services. It was founded by Nicolai Lønberg who has worked 14 years in the fur industry and who has
travelled the world for trade fairs and exhibitions. In Italy, he has personally hand-picked some of the most beautiful furs to hang in their shop. They consider each client unique so each of their furs is unique. They also offer a summer storage service so that the coats retain their shine and suppleness during the hot summer months.

Visit Klove-lonberg for more info.


Copenhagen City Hall 4 October 2010

4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Denmark is a country with many clubs and associations. At the Copenhagen Expat Fair, you have the chance to talk to members from various clubs and associations from the Greater Copenhagen Area about what they can offer you and your family and how to sign up. Joining a sports club or taking a course at one of the evening schools is a great way to meet Danes and fellow expats.

5:00 pm ~ Official welcome by Lord Mayor Frank Jensen

Guest speaker: British Ambassador Nick Archer

After the two presentations, the world famous "City Hall Pancakes" will be served.

Please enter through the Main Entrance facing Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square)

Please register at: