November 2010
Auction & Theatre


Find inspiration for your Christmas wishlist at our most important international auction this year - the selection exceeds anything we have seen at auction in the last few years.
BRUUN RASMUSSEN AUCTIONEERS, Bredgade 33 in Copenhagen
This year's international Christmas Auction is upon us.  It features the wonderful private collection of rococo furniture belonging to Arne Schlesch; the original manuscript of The Stone of the Wise Man - A Fairy Tale by Hans Christian Andersen; and a significant late work by Asger Jorn, Feast of the Imps from 1970.

We are also celebrating the bicentenary of the great, Golden Age, Danish artist Christen Købke, and the centenary of three major figures in abstract art: Richard Mortensen, Ejler Bille and Egill Jacobsen.  Modern design is well represented by Poul Henningsen's exceptionally rare standard lamp "PH-6/3" from 1926-28.

The selection of jewellery is exceptional. Among the "crown jewels" are an exquisite white gold
diamond necklace, numerous large diamond rings, a natural sapphire ring, and a Bvlgari diamond bracelet.

We look forward to seeing you at the preview at Bredgade!

Wednesday 24 November   4pm - 6pm
Thursday 25 November      11am - 5pm
Friday 26 November           11am - 5pm
Saturday 27 November       11am - 4pm
Sunday 28 November         11am - 4pm

Monday 29 November - Wednesday 8 December 2010

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Gangsters and mafia mobsters were the subject of last year's crazy show "Mamma Mafia"  - and now this year the theme is even more blood-thirsty and gruesome ...HORROR ! 

Frankenstein , Dracula, and the Wolfman are the classic horror creatures and teenagers today love the new vampire movies "Twilight", while their parents still watch re-runs of  "Halloween", "The Shining" and "Psycho".

There is nothing like a good SCREAM - and the reflex burst of laughter which follows it.  

So if you like to be shaken up, scared out of your wits or just plain horrified  , hurry up and buy a ticket to
see  "OH MY GOTH ! " The show will give you lots to scream about - and , don't worry,  if you die laughing we 'll give you your money back! 

The show is full of "UNSPEAKABLE HORROR !" and  "YOUR FLESH WILL CRAWL.."  as you sit on the edge of your seat,  the Crazy Christmas comedy team will take you on a nail-bitingly, scary ghost-train ride through the supernatural world of the greatest ghouls and ghastliest monster creations of all time , with its potent mix of sensational songs, silly slapstick, sexy sirens, dubious double entendres and daring dance numbers stirred up into a ghastly gruel of a crazy Gothic Horror Show. 

It's dead funny ! It's fang-tastic! It's oozing with biting satire! 
So whatever else you do in the dark winter nights - don't miss  "OH MY GOTH ! "  The most h-h-h- horrible show in town ! 

Professor Francis Kenstein returns to Baron Lugosi 's Schloss Schadenfreude -  a castle deep in the Forest of
Bohemia,  to continue his weird scientific experiments .   

The Professor is assisted in his macabre work by the hunchback , Igor,  and the Danish Doctor van Helsingør from Elsinore . 

All hell breaks loose when they have to to deal with the monster and the arrival of the Professor's fiance, Bella,  and her mother,  Mrs Hyacinth Honeypott . 

Police Inspector Gunther von Hinten comes to the castle to investigate a series of horrific murders.   Everyone is under suspicion , including the owner of the castle, the handsome Baron Lugosi and his flamboyant neighbour , Lady Gay Spanker.

Will von Hinten get behind the mystery surrounding the castle and its terrifying consequences? 

Most macabrely yours,
Vivienne McKee

16. Nov.-15. Jan.; Mon-Sat 19.30 + Sat 15.00

Glassalen, Tivoli, Vesterbrogade, Kbh V

Tickets: Phone 33 15 10 12

18. Jan. - 21. Jan. 2011

Musikhuset Aarhus

Don't miss the monster spooky trailer on bentvanhelsingor and join the doctor at Dr. Van Helsingor

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