September 2011



The Copenhagen Book has started a new Meetup group with invitations to events, tours, outings, tastings and more for anyone who would like to meet new people or simply get ideas on what to do in Copenhagen.
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Experience the Queen's dessert service in a setting of magnificent flower decorations, atmospheric music and the most delicate desserts. You can even taste a sample of one of them! The 350-part service is from the 1830s and
is one of the finest items from Royal Copenhagen.

19th-century Denmark interpreted in porcelain
Plates, centrepieces and dishes are decorated with gold, flowers, fabulous animals and a cavalcade of images of the Danish monarchy, which was once far larger than it is today. There are motifs from Ice­land, Ghana and the Danish West Indies, as well as large parts of 'exotic' western Denmark, far from the capital. The 350 parts of the service were designed by Gustav Friedrich Hetsch, who was one of the best known architects in the first half of the 1800s. Experts compare its quality to the 18th-century service Flora Danica, said to be the world's most expensive service and which is still sold today. Particularly interested parties can find much more information about the history of the service in the richly illustrated book King Frederik VI's Dessert Service, which is in both Danish and English.

Desserts from the court
The court of King Frederik VI offered a wealth of different desserts, from rye-bread ice cream, trifle and orange jelly to confectionery like chocolate, caramel and candied fruit. At the same time the des­serts had to have entertainment value. They had to be effectful and exotic, and artificial colouring was used plentifully. However, Frederik VI's own favourite dessert was far simpler: he preferred straw­berries and cream, which is today about as close as one can get to a Danish national dessert in the summer. And as a visitor you can taste a sample of one of the desserts.

17 September to 11 Decem­ber 2011. Open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesdays 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. except for
closed days when the Royal Family are using the premises.

Christiansborg Palace, Royal Reception Rooms
Admission: Adults 70 kr., children (7-14) 35 kr. (Price includes admission to the Royal Reception Rooms.)

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From Skagen paintings, Italian motifs and Kierkegaard's bureau to Willumsen, Kvium, PH and Moos - powerful forces will be at play at the international autumn auction at Bredgade, organised by BRUUN RASMUSSEN AUCTIONEERS.

The auction offers ample opportunity to extend the summer with the many Skagen paintings, including Anna Ancher's "I Haven" and " Laurits Tuxen's motif from Skagen beach. Summer and sun also feature in the auction's Italian motifs. These include Wenzel Tornøe's love triangle and Paul Fischer's sunlit motif from San Remo.

If you prefer antiques, the writing bureau where Søren Kierkegaard probably penned many of his pithy words is up for sale. The auction also features a number of collections and a fine Chinese miniature table screen originates from engineer and member of the resistance Robert August Christensen's collection of Chinese art.

At the curiosity end of the spectrum is a host of fabulous jewellery - including an exclusive ring adorned with a rare,
natural pink Argyle diamond from Australia. There are very few natural pink diamonds in the world - about 0.01% - which also means that the pink diamonds are among the most exclusive diamonds on the international market.

Modern Art and Design Classics
Multi-artist J.F. Willumsen was a pioneer in modern Danish art, and the two works featured - the motif from Toledo and the funeral procession - embody his unique expressive style with its contrasting colours and dynamic figures. Unique, too, is Michael Kvium, and his artistic oeuvre is well represented at the auction, which for example offers
the central piece "Another Tailwind" from 2005.

When it comes to Danish cabinetmaking, there's no getting away from Peder Moos. With his time-consuming approach to furniture, he refused to bow to modernism's demands for efficiency and the concept of democratic design. The auction features a selection of his uncompromising furniture - including the low prototype palisander table.  

A PH pendant lamp from the blackout era shines brightly among all these highlights. It was made for Forum's restaurant in 1926 and survived resistance group Holger Danske's act of sabotage against the building in 1943.

Preview: Thursday 22 September - Monday 26 September 2011

Auction: Tuesday 27 September - Tuesday 4 October 2011

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THAT THEATRE COMPANY presents Edward Albee's THE ZOO STORY, a true classic of modern American Theatre.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon one man does whatever is necessary to communicate with a stranger. resulting in an
unforgettable climax

This one-act play concerns two characters, Peter and Jerry. Peter is a middle-class publishing executive with a wife, two daughters, two cats and two parakeets who lives in ignorance of the world outside his settled life. Jerry is an isolated and disheartened man who lives in a boarding house. These men meet on a park bench in New York City's Central Park. Jerry is desperate to have a meaningful conversation with another human being. He intrudes on Peter's peaceful state and talks about the reason behind his visit to the zoo. The action is linear, unfolding in front of the audience in "real time" and the elements of ironic humour and unrelenting dramatic suspense are brought to the fore. Not to be missed.

If you would like to join us for a special evening on November 11th with a Q&A-session with the actors and a drink afterwards please sign up at before October 11th. Price kr. 180.
Edward Albee is the writer of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Presenting Ian Burns and Adam Brix, with Director Barry McKenna.

From 26 October to 26 November 2011. Mon - Fri: 20.00 / Sat: 17.00 at Krudttønden.
Tickets: / 7020 2096
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COMPETITION: Win 2 tickets to see Zoo Story! The first participant to send us the correct answers to the following questions is the winner:
1. In which park is located The Copenhagen Zoo?
2. Name one African animal that can be seen at the zoo.
3. Who designed the Elephant House (Elefanthus)?

Send answers to:
Deadline: 15 October 2011

WISECRACKER'S present American and Aussie Invasion, an English speaking comedy show at Dubliner on Thursday 13 October at 19:30. The performers are: Phil Schwarzmann (USA), Louis Zezeran (AUS), Eric Seufert (USA), Henric Chezek (USA) + support acts. The entire show is in English. Advance tickets are 80 kr. and on sale behind the bar and via

WiseCracker's is an events company based in Malmö, Sweden that organises stand-up comedy events in English around Europe at established comedy clubs and other venues, corporate events and parties as well as universities. For their autumn to spring 2011/2012 season, the Copenhagen shows will be at Dubliner (Amagertorv 5) and take place on the following Thursdays at 19:30: Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8, Feb 2, Mar 1, April 12, May 10.

Located at the top of Illum, SPISEBAREN is a restaurant with an international feel, custom designed interiors by CPH Square and exquisite dining. SpiseBaren has a delicious Deli and a striking serving area with the opportunity to eat at the bar, where guests are in close contact with the kitchen. The food is seasonally based and aesthetically pleasing - and all this at a reasonable price.

The grand opening on 16 September was organised in cooperation with The Copenhagen Book and The Red Cross. The evening was filled with great entertainment, while samples from the menu and
drinks bar were served. With more than 300 people having attended the opening,
they hope that the word gets out about the newest eatery in town!

The Crazy Christmas Cabaret is really going below the belt this year - that is, of course, below the equatorial belt - when McKee & co visit the steaming jungle of Central Africa where men are men, and the gorillas look very nervous! Don't miss this hot and hilarious Rumble in the Jungle! Join Vivienne McKee, David Bateson, Andrew Jeffers, Katrine Falkenberg and the rest of the intrepid Crazy Christmas gang as they take you in - and out - of the African Queen!
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SPECIAL EVENING: The Copenhagen Book is organising on Wednesday November 23 an exclusive evening at the Crazy Christmas Cabaret which includes a backstage visit. Sign up no later than 5 October.
Price: 280 kr.
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Montessori International Preschool has newly opened in Frederiksberg and offers tuition in English to all children from 2.5 to 6 years old. It is based on the Montessori educational approach where children learn by making discoveries with specially designed materials and toys. As the only preschool in English in central Copenhagen, the places are filling quickly so register your little ones soon if you are interested.

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