May 2012


See how a diamond is cut from Tuesday 29 May to Saturday 2 June at Hartmann's in Bredgade.

For the first in Scandinavia, Hartmann's has moved a diamond cutter from Antwerp to Bredgade to
tell and show the fascinating story from rough stone to polished beauty.

The diamond's unique journey from raw stone to finished jewelry has always fascinated diamond trader Ulrik Hartmann, owner of Hartmann's. "The diamond undertakes a journey when it is transformed - a journey that goes through many processes and many dedicated hands," says Ulrik Hartmann.
"And it is in this specific part of the process - the diamond cutting - that the highest value is added. Where nature determines a diamond's size, color and clarity, the responsibility for cutting rests on one person's expertise and knowledge. A minor mistake can lead to a drastic deterioration of the final expression and value of the diamond. That's why the cutting is so important and why it is so fascinating to see this process carried out, " Ulrik Hartmann says.

The Diamond Cutting event is part of the celebration of Ulrik Hartmann's 25th anniversary in the diamond industry.

The event takes place from Tuesday 29 May to Saturday 2nd June at Hartmann's in Bredgade 4, 1260 Copenhagen K. The shop hours are Tuesday-Friday. 10 to 17.30 and Saturday. 10-14.
This Summer Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers presents an exceptional chessboard from the world's greatest chess match in 1972 between the reigning Russian World Champion Boris Spassky and the American Bobby Fischer. Thus the match became a symbol of the political confrontation between the two superpowers. Bobby Fischer won the dramatic, hyper-exposed showdown in Reykjavik, making him the first American to win this prestigious title after W. Steinitz in 1886.

Vilhelm Hammersh°i
Prominent Danish artists and remarkable provenances are also waiting for you at this summer's international auction. The classic paintings category is lead by Vilhelm Hammersh°i's mysterious work from 1909, where two lit candles and a few pieces of furniture are the only requisites in the empty room. The oppressive mood is well known, but the odd, oval framing gives the painting a twist, for - is the motif a reflection in a mirror?

Chinese Antiques
As we are experiencing an increasing interest from China, we have translated a number of the lot descriptions into Chinese and organised a reception in Hong Kong prior to the auction. Among the objects under the hammer are a pair of charming bronze statues of Ming court officials, and a turquoise china vase from the period of Emperor Qianlong.

Danish Design
Hans J. Wegner is one of the Danish furniture designers who just now are highly sought after in the international market. The auction offers one of his most rare and expensive easy chairs "Tub chair" made by cabinetmaker Johannes Hansen. The chair was presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers 400
Anniversary Exhibition in 1954.

Tony Curtis' diamond ring
Among the many jewels a diamond ring, with a large blue, cushion-cut tanzanite, is shining brightly. It has belonged to American actor Tony Curtis, who became especially known for his part in the movie "Some Like It Hot" from 1959, where he played with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon.

Exclusive Wristwatches
If your interests are more in the direction of the ticking wonders, you have come to the right place! Men's wristwatches have become the collector's items of our time, and at the auction you will find a large selection of the best-known brands at prices ranging from ? 800 to 40,000, among others Patek Philippe, Rolex and Urban JŘrgensen.

Thursday 31 May - Monday 4 June 2012?

Wednesday 6 June - Thursday 14 June 2012

Press photo
Chessboard, chess table, sidetables, chess pieces and chess clock from the World Chess Championship in 1972 between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer. Estimate: ?160,000-240,000.

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